Feature Friday: Azure Water

Feature Friday: Azure Water

Azure Water is, quite literally, a refreshing company that fills an essential need in the wedding industry by offering customizable water bottles for customers that are concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even on their wedding day.

The eight year old, international, business prides itself in creating bottled water that is memorable and expressive of each customer’s own taste and…

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Instagram your wedding!

It’s not new or surprising that social media has swept this generation. With certain social media networks comes ways to engage and involve your guests in your wedding! In this post we are going to offer some tips on how your guests can Instagram your wedding. This has several benefits, one being you can involve your guests and make them feel more involved in your special day. Yyou can  also have…

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Your Engagement Only Happens Once, Enjoy It

Your Engagement Only Happens Once, Enjoy It

Christina Sean

Recently one of my brides phoned me whispering “Hi, Kathy can you hear me?” Curious to why she was whispering I replied, “Yes, why?,” and of course now I’m whispering.

She said, “I’m at work and I have to whisper, sorry. I don’t want anyone to hear me. I handle all of my wedding planning between 9 & 5 so Nick and I could have ‘our’ time. I promised him I wouldn’t do all the wedding talk & tasks…

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How to Incorporate Your Mother’s Sari into Your Own Wedding Dress  

How to Incorporate Your Mother’s Sari into Your Own Wedding Dress  

mother daughter2

mother daugterIf you are Indian and you come from a traditional Indian background (which most probably you do), then surely your family means the world to you. The day of your wedding will be the day your parent’s send you off to your spouse’s family in a current of tears, especially those of your mom’s. So what better way to really show how important your mom is to you then by incorporating her wedding sari…

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Featured Venue: Inn Credible Caterers

Featured Venue: Inn Credible Caterers

purple-vine-cake (2)


Inn Credible Caterers offers a unique approach to catering weddings by servicing their customers in the New York and Northern New Jersey areas with exceptional quality, off-premise catering for events of all sizes. Inn Credible preforms their unique off-premise cooking for events like weddings, engagements, rehearsals and other social events by providing customers with flexible catering…

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