Featured Venue: Inn Credible Caterers

Featured Venue: Inn Credible Caterers

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Inn Credible Caterers offers a unique approach to catering weddings by servicing their customers in the New York and Northern New Jersey areas with exceptional quality, off-premise catering for events of all sizes. Inn Credible preforms their unique off-premise cooking for events like weddings, engagements, rehearsals and other social events by providing customers with flexible catering…

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Thank you note etiquette

The wedding is over and it is time to sit down and write those pesky thank you notes. It isn’t always easy to get it done when the words are not coming easy. Don’t be fooled—thank you notes are an extremely important part of the post wedding process. It is important to thank your guests for their support, their gift and for being a part of your special day.

Some helpful tips:

•DO start sending the thank you notes as soon as gifts start arriving so if you have many to write it doesn’t seem as overwhelming.

•DO stay on track! Create a goal to write a certain number of thank you cards each day and stick to it.

•DO be sure to double (and triple) check that the person sent you the gift you are thanking them for and that you are spelling their name correctly.

•DO hand write them. Avoid using Facebook, email, test messaging, etc.

•DO send thank you notes to vendors. They were an important part of your wedding day, too.

•DO personalize notes according to each person.

•DO let your enthusiasm and graciousness show in thank you notes.

•DO be sure to mention specifically what you will be using a monetary gift for.

•If you opt to have a photo card as your thank, DO be sure it’s a fold style so you personalize the inside. By only sending a photo card it shows that you didn’t take the time to really say ‘thank you.’

•DO remember to sign with your new name….Mr & Mrs. Or bride/grooms first name

Our formula for writing thank you notes:

Dear (name of guest),

Thank you for… (mention the gift specifically)
Write how you will use the gift in detail
State why you are thankful for the gift as well as the person who sent it
Be sure to say “thank you” again

With these tips writing your wedding thank you note won’t be nearly as painful as you think. Do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment and let us know!